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The past three months I've been in recovery house in Prince Rupert. What made me decide to get myself checked in was that my life simply became unmanageable and I was desperate to change my ways luckily enough I reached out to my sister Holly Jean within days she had me set up for next 3 months at a men’s treatment house. I had no idea what to expect for the first twenty days I wanted to quit and leave. I was certain nothing would get better unless I started understanding what recovery was and how to apply the 12 steps into my life. I am now 97 days sober clean. I have so many people to thank supported me, it is definitely a spiritual program and I am grateful to have a understanding of my higher power throughout this journey.   If you're reading this and want to make change I support you and you deserve a sober life. It’s not easy reaching out get help but it’s there if you really want it look for it , this program totally works if you work it. Thank you all.

Testimonials from Family Members

Bill & Brenda
One never knows the journey life sends you on. We have always been interested in Prince Rupert but who knew our son’s addiction would bring us here. Prince Rupert is everything we expected it to be with its harbour, ships, sea life etc. but what has exceeded our expectations is you and Trinity House. We cannot thank you enough for your service to those in addiction as well as their families. You have opened not just your doors but also your heart to us. We first felt this through our connections by phone and messaging but now we have seen it. Walking into 333 Trinity House was beyond our expectations. The house is bright, clean and beautiful. Wonderful art and inspiration abounds. It shows respect and value for the men staying there. We know Jeff appreciates good food and it is beyond expectation. We were desperate as our son was on the streets in Prince George and it was at this point we felt powerless because the plan we had in place failed. We bought a one-way ticket to Trinity house for our son. Then we held our breath and wondered if he had the where-with-all to arrive safely. Then we held our breath and wondered if he would be, kicked out or walk away because the food sucked! Today we feel it was a Miracle with our son clean and sober and we are proud of him.  

Thank you.

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