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Trinity Recovery House

The Trinity house is a Men’s Recovery House serving the North Coast and surrounding areas, villages and coastal communities to provide a safe, clean, recovery based home that will benefit the men, families, and our communities. Our goal is to provide residential recovery for men seeking long term solutions to addiction. Our Program emphasizes personal responsibilities,positive actions and encouragement. The Trinity Men's Recovery House manages and maintains an affordable residential facility to enable the pursuit of a 12-step program of recovery as well as an Indigenous Wellbriety recovery program  and promote living skills and positive choices.  The Trinity house long term vision is to promote and support a community of recovery for men as well as for women and youth and provide all resources that are available.  Trinity House has 2 drug & alcohol treatment specialists. is a  non-profit society, accredited with the Ministry of Health and Assisted Living Registrar.  

Trinity House works with services providers such as Northern Health, Friendship House, Mental health, North Coast Social Issue Society, First Nations Alcohol and Drug workers,Probation services etc.

Our philosophy is "Helping Men who want to Help themselves "

Our Why

Substance abuse is a major problem for our region and communities. It results in increased property theft and violence, causes problems in homes, schools and workplaces. It is a threat to our communities and is a major drain on its resources. Our programs will have a measurable positive benefit to the North Coast and to the families of the clients. Our goal is to offer volunteer services as required. Recovering clients will be available to help struggling men in active addiction. Our long term vision is to create a healthy recovery community utilizing local agencies, city council, local resources and promotion of healthy living such as recreational centres such as sports, work outs, pool, movie theatres, and library, continuing education as well as aftercare and alumni events. Phase two housing.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is "Helping Men who want to Help themselves". Community oriented. Total abstinence. Emphasis establishing and reconnecting, repairing relationships with self, family, employers, community. Personal responsibility and peer support.  Action based program.  Provide a vital link in the continuum of services available to recovering adult men alcoholic and addicts. Trinity house will assist clients to return to productive and healthy lifestyles, help their families and friends to participate in the recovery process and create a positive and supportive community response to recovery.

Meet Our Team

Willy Beaudry


Founder and director of Trinity Recovery House. Willy has over 15 years of sobriety. He saw the gap of lack support for men in Prince Rupert looking for recovery and support. Trinity Recovery House was founded in 2016.

Sean McGovern


Sean is in charge of community relations. He was involved with the Trinity Recovery House since the beginning in 2016. Sean has achieved long term sobriety. 

Our in House Staff

Luke Dufour


Luke found his passion for helping men in recovery. Luke is our intake and program coordinator.

Chris Nelson


Chris is a traditional helper. He is proud to have achieved over 10 years of sobriety and enjoys helping other people on their path of sobriety

Crescentia Kuz


Crescentia is our My Recovery Plan coordinator. She is an active community member in the recovery community. 

Ryan Osberg


Ryan is our support worker. He enjoys giving back to his community. 

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