Trinity Recovery House

Indigenous Wellbriety

Through bringing in Indigenous Elders spiritual teachings that are centuries into the “The Red Road to Wellbriety” program. Participants will learn how to have balance in their lives by re-connecting to self, family, community, and nation. Some of the concepts included are The Talking Circle, the Medicine Wheel Concept, and personal stories of recovery.

This program is extremely valuable for those who are seeking a sober and drug free life. We are providing culturally safe and appropriate care and support to Indigenous men. We love doing this and continue to have much passion to do this work.

  • Indigenous Leadership

    We have an Indigenous Healer on our team who leads the scared circle, smudges, cleansing ceremonies, and gatherings.

  • Wise Practices

    Our mandate is to provide evidence-based, wise practices based on research evidence, community/experiential knowledge, and traditional ways of knowing.

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