Trinity Recovery House

Trinity Recovery House

Program Benefits

Benefits to Residents, Family, Friends, Employers and the Community:

The Trinity house purpose is to provide a vital link in the continuum of services available to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Our mandate is to assist clients to return to productive and healthy lifestyles, help their families and friends to participate in the recovery process and create a positive and supportive community response to recovery.

Recovering from addictions, clients will live as clean and sober productive members of the community.

They will have individualized programs which lead them to:

• Achieve and maintain sobriety

• Improve their level of mind, body and spirit

• Be reliably informed about substance abuse and chemical dependency

• Become happier, honest, loving and caring individuals

• Men will live as clean and sober productive members of our community    

They will have productive lifestyles, more specifically they will:

• Become more accountable self-reliant and responsible

• Be employable, dependable

• Have the capacity and opportunities to provide financially for their families

• Develop healthy supportive relationships with family and friends

Their families and friends will know that their relative/friend is receiving on-going support and rehabilitation. They will:

• Participate in the development and management of their family member program

• Re-establish positive trusting communication with their support circle

• Experience peace of mind and quality time resulting in increased mutual support

• Gain appreciation of the disease of addiction and learn strategies to support recovery

Resident of local communities:

• More effective and efficient utilization of community services

• Experience positive acts vs all the negative actions of active addiction

• Reduced incidences of social problems, first responders, police, social services and medical      issues                                                                                                                                              

• A safer community overall  

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